MiLo went PLi...

Since PLi embraced open source development, I decided to join their development team. You'll find all of my developments in the OpenPLi images. Download the latest daily OpenPLi to get the latest developments from me and the other PLi team members.

Automated restore

To automatically populate some of your /etc folder, you can place extra files on the harddisk. Create /hdd/backup and /hdd/backup/enigma2, for example using mkdir -p /hdd/backup/enigma2. Copy /etc/enigma2/ to this directory, and they will be restored after installing a new MiLo image.

Automatic plugin install

Create a unix text file, /hdd/backup/autoinstall and put an ipkg package name on each line. You can get a list using ipkg list .... You may also specify file names. For example:

Note that you will need a working network at boot time for this to work, which probably means that you need a DHCP server.


You can reach me through the contact page, Dutch users can find me on the sat4all forum, and anyone can reach me ate the PLi forum.