How to register

How to...

To buy the registered version of CD Wave, just click on the link below. Follow the instructions, and things will go smoothly. The registration costs $15

BUY NOW Using an online, secure transaction

After payment, you will receive a registration code. In CD Wave, choose "About" from the help menu, then click the "Register" button. Fill in your name and code as you received them after payment. Be sure to keep the registration code in a safe place, we suggest you make a hardcopy.

What does registration buy me?

In short, there is no special registered version, registering it just removes the "Unregistered" notice from the title bar and gives you a slightly different 'about' box.

So the result is a clear conscience. I decided against putting effort into a copy-protection scheme that would be defeated anyway. I dislike software with disabled features too. I feel that people that don't pay for this version wouldn't pay anyway.

Our rights


If you have not registered the product yet, you're allowed to use it for a trial period of one month (31 days). During this period, you may use it in the same way as you are allowed to when you've registered.


After registration, you're allowed to keep using the product for as long as you like. Your registration remains valid for the same major version of the program. So if you register 1.3, that means that you have registered for any version up to (but not including) version 2.0. The license can not be re-sold to others.

Any time

At any time, you are allowed to give away copies of the program to other people, distribute it on a web site, under the condition that you do not make any modifications to the program or its documentation, and that you do not charge any money for it.

You are allowed to use this product for any purpose. However, you are not allowed to sell it. This also includes selling anything that could be bought because of the presense of CDWave in the distribution. Thus, using the product as a professional DJ to master your performances is ok. Using it to create a commercial master or release is ok too. It is not permitted to include the program on a CD that is to be sold for a profit. If you wish to include it in such a project, please contact us before doing so.